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Bundi we are Switzerland!!!


We are a small, neutral and peaceful country in the middle of Europe.

Our territory is covered by lakes and mountains like the world-famous Matterhorn. 


Our favorite animal is the cow, we have them in every canton and lots and lots of them. Luckily, we love milk, cheese and chocolate...


For centuries, this situation forced us to live in the mountains, in little houses called chalets.

For a long time, it was impossible to live on the plains, as the vast number of cows took up all the space.


Switzerland has always been creative and rational, which has enabled it to solve the problems inherent in the shape of its territory. 

To solve the problem of space, we Swiss came up with a great idea... bundi ©... the first nesting cubic cow. 

With this invention, we've solved our space problem and helped improve the climate. Thanks to bundi, our mountain pastures are green and our air is pure...


You too can take part in our efforts by bringing a little bit of Switzerland with you.

Help us @ adoptabundi

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