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Bundi is an authentic project that highlights the Swiss identity through its iconic symbol, the cow. 

A primordial animal in our culture, it is the source of our country's most representative products: milk, cheese and chocolate. 


Through bundi, we aim to revalorize the woodworking trades and this noble material, which is found throughout Switzerland. 

There's also the desire to revive the wood industry and its know-how, which has all but disappeared. 

One of bundi's objectives is to bring back to life trades such as layette-making, a craft once practiced in our valleys and mountains before the advent of plastic. 

Bundi's idea, research and development are already based in Switzerland, and the ultimate goal is to bring production back to Switzerland as quickly as possible. 


Bundi is a 100% natural product using a noble material, sculpted by the unique natural process of pyrography. 

This 100% ecological process develops emotion through a unique identity and personalized expression.


#adoptabundi is a genuine project to revitalize ancestral crafts, with the aim of creating an iconic Swiss object, rooted in the circular economy.

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